Our Role

The mission of the Assembly Democratic Campaign Committee, or ADCC, is to help elect Democrats to the Wisconsin Assembly. As the campaign arm for Wisconsin Assembly Democrats, the ADCC serves as a logistical hub for both incumbent Democratic members of the Assembly as well as prospective candidates.

The ADCC’s resources are used exclusively to assist Assembly candidates and their campaign organizations to further the goal of achieving a Democratic majority in the Wisconsin State Assembly. To that end, the staff and members of the ADCC work extensively with candidates and grassroots volunteers and organizations to strengthen the campaign efforts of those seeking election to the Wisconsin State Assembly.

The Assembly Democratic Campaign Committee is working everyday to elect candidates who will fight against and reverse the far right Walker agenda.

The Assembly Democrats are committed to protecting the most vulnerable individuals in our society while getting Wisconsin back to work.

Now, more than ever, we need to stand up for working families in Wisconsin but we cannot do it without your help.