Assembly District 26 – Mary Lynne Donohue

Who I am

I am a lawyer, retired from active practice, but deeply involved in trying to make our community a more just and inclusive place to work and raise a family. I’m currently the vice-president of the Sheboygan Common Council and chair the Finance and Personnel committee. I’ve also served on the Sheboygan school board, chaired the Police and Fire Commission and served on the Civil Service Commission. Right now, I’m on the board of our local Democratic Party, and in general consider myself a community activist. Statewide, I’m on the Board of Governors of the State Bar and service on the board of the WI Humanities Council.

Why I am Running

I was one of the plaintiffs in the Whitford case, and I know in grim detail how the 26th was carved up to ensure that a Republican would always, always win in this district. This year, when it appeared that no one would step forward to challenge Terry Katsma, I just could not let that rest. I’ve jumped in late, but so far have gotten wonderful support from folks who are as hungry for good government as I am. I am speaking truth to gerrymandered power for voting rights and decent, available health care, a decent, living wage for workers and their families and a rational, fully-funded educational system.

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