Assembly District 57 – Lee Snodgrass

Who I am

I am a 25 year resident of my district who is invested in making sure the Fox Valley and all of Wisconsin is a place where everyone can be happy, healthy and secure. By day I am a Communications Director for the Girl Scouts of the Northwestern Great Lakes and mom to two fantastic kids–one just graduated from U of MN and one is a rising sophomore at UW-Madison. I am also honored to serve as the 2nd Vice Chair for the Democratic Party of WIsconsin. I was a 2018 State Senate candidate in the 19th, securing 46.7% of the vote in a heavily gerrymandered district against the state Senate President, Roger Roth. I am excited to be a 2020 candidate in the 57th and to carry on the legacy of a strong, progressive, female voice in this open seat.I l have been excited to reconnect with the voters who shared with me their hopes, dreams and needs back in 2018. This time I have a much better chance at being part of the solution as their Representative in Madison!

Why I am Running

I am running for the same reasons I ran in 2018. There are simply too many people struggling to make ends meet and live the American Dream. With stagnant wage growth, skyrocketing healthcare costs, limits to municipal control, deficit funding models in public education…there is so much to address. In fact, the COVID19 pandemic has put the inequities and lack of safety-nets and basic plans to address the unexpected into stark relief. People who did not believe in a public healthcare option have a different point of view now that unemployment is astoundingly high and everyone’s insurance was tied to their employment. And did I mention fair maps? I am excited to be a part of a process which will ensure that my so-called safe district becomes one where I and others have to work hard for those votes, not the other way around. Maybe the better question is, why wouldn’t I run?

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