Assembly District 24 – Emily Siegrist

Who I am

Emily Siegrist, A Nurse, A Veteran, A Teacher, A Mom. Working Together to Strengthen Our Community.

Why I am Running

I’m running for Wisconsin State Assembly in the 24th District. I’m a nurse, veteran, teacher, and mother to two young kids — and they are the reason I’m running for office. I believe our kids deserve a world-class education, quality affordable health care, and a robust economy so they can secure a job with a living wage when they are done with school. Our kids also deserve a clean environment, pollution-free air, and safe drinking water. For far too long, our state has been divided — unable to adequately tackle social and economic challenges. I am committed to working beyond party lines. My concern isn’t which party someone belongs to, but rather what solutions they offer so we can make our state stronger and better for future generations.

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