Assembly District 80 – Sondy Pope

Who I am

I am a long-serving legislator who was drawn to elected service as a one who grew up on an iconic family dairy farm, attended both large and small schools that were both rural and urban. As an adult I was a small business owner and, when widowed, became a single parent with a school-aged child. I always sought employment in non-profits, volunteered in civic endeavors, and lived a life similar to that of the people I represent. I understand the life and work situations they present when seeking my assistance or when they are looking for understanding of their unique situations. This is a critical time for Wisconsin and I feel my experience is a valuable asset to my district and to my work as a legislator.

Why I’m running

I am running to continue the work I’ve been focused on as the Representative to this district. We are a very diverse district and becoming familiar with that diversity has helped me understand the unique needs this district presents. My experience as the Ranking Member of the Assembly Education Committee is of special importance today as schools look to some of the biggest challenges they have ever faced. I have many years of experience in the Corrections Committee and in the Consumer Protection Committee as a former Ranking Member of each. My knowledge of the institution and those who work within it and my familiarity with the processes necessary to negotiate the complexities of the legislature all make a compelling call to continue my service.

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