Assembly District 43 – Don Vruwink

Who I am

I was first elected to the Assembly in 2016 and am running for re-election in 2020. I grew up on a dairy farm in Central Wisconsin and am a lifelong Wisconsin resident. I have been married to my wife Beth for 42 years and have one son, Craig.

I have dedicated my career to public education, spending 42 years as a school teacher. I began teaching in 1975 in a Northern Wisconsin school district and moved to Milton in 1979 to teach history at Milton High School.
During my years teaching, I have coached more than 90 high school teams, where I impressed upon my student athletes the importance of working together and cooperating to achieve a common goal.

I retired as an educator in 2011 but have continued to serve my community in other roles. I served on the Milton City Council from 2011-2015, and was elected president in 2014. I also served on the Milton School Board.

I am a proud Democrat and want to help advance important Democratic ideals like restoring funding to K-12 education and the UW System, supporting workers, protecting our environment, promoting good government, championing redistricting reform, and strengthening Wisconsin’s open records laws against attacks by the majority party.

Why I’m running

I am running to continue the work on legislation I have been working on for the last 2 terms. I want to bring a civil bipartisan approach to the governing that is severely lacking.

The average student loan debt in Wisconsin is about $30,000 per student. This substantial debt is creating a long-term drag on the Wisconsin economy. I’ve worked with the Wisconsin Bankers to create a public-private partnership plan which is being reviewed by the WMC.

Rural Broadband is a major interest of mine because we’ve seen in this COVID-era the importance of online learning for schools and the need for 5G for rural businesses. I’d like to see the state transition to a 21st century infrastructure plan that would use capital markets to finance parts of our infrastructure and take politics out of the decision making process and stabilized funding.

The eventual elimination of personal property tax for small businesses is significant. We should keep an open mind about other ways to raise revenue to offset an elimination of this tax.

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